We take a leap into the future of digital advertising

A brand new digital ad campaign will have you looking at booking your next holiday in a whole new way. Whatever vacation you have in mind, from fishing trips and golf getaways to bungee adventures and beach breaks, this advert re-imagines them all. Bringing those daily vacation fantasies to life and capturing the viewer’s attention from the first few seconds of footage.

Lunched right before the two main events of the season in the MENA region – EID Al Adha and the FIFA World Cup – using clever filming techniques and expert knowledge, the irreverent campaign conceptualised and produced by ASTUDIO a digital marketing agency takes a leap away from traditional, and lands in the future of advertising.

People love to travel but the hassle of booking and the expense stops them from going. The campaign, composed of 5 TVCs recreating a variety of “home-made” holiday scenarios and created on a 3-day shoot in Cairo was made with the aim of re-igniting the spark of excitement within people when it comes to booking a summer vacation.

The ad campaign reminds people that they don’t have to stay at home imagining the possibilities, the holiday of their dreams really is within their reach.

Stepping away from the conventional and outside of the box, mobile phones where even used to film the scenes. The clever aim behind this technique is just an example of the talented team that are working behind the scenes at ASTUDIO. “We did this to make the viewer believe it is a home- made video and will stand out from the rest of the ad intermission. People are tired from the ads look and we need to approach it from a different angle. Times are changing, and ASTUDIO is already one step ahead.

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